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20th October 2021

The Equestrian Business Awards.

30th July 2021
How horses would choose to live

Part 2 The complex issue of Separation Anxiety in Horses

Part 2 discussing the complex issue of separation anxiety in horses. Its a terrible situation for both horse and horse owner
21st July 2021
Leave them on!

Hands off horse’s sensory whiskers!

New welfare laws passed by the FEI banning clipping of the sensory muzzle whiskers. Can we push this into common law too so that all our horses are protected?
28th October 2019

Head shy/ear shy/poll shy training – self haltering

Training a head/ear/poll shy horse to self - halter.
21st August 2019

Presenting Behaviour to events, charities, business networking and horse communities.

8th March 2019

Weaning foals and training Stallions – done perfectly!

30th November 2018

LIMA for horses.

20th November 2018

A sorry state of affairs….rescue colt foal

22nd August 2018

Big smiles all round! Lucky has a new life.



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