Keeping up with support for you once a horse has left my care, or after I have been to work with you both at your yard, is very important. I am always just a phone call away and keep in contact for as long as is needed. My main interest is that you both succeed to find harmony and calmness

Life can get in the way of life sometimes! Things outside of your control can happen. Your horse is a sentient being and as such can be affected by new stimuli or experiences in a negative way. It's ok! Small adjustments in management or training may be needed if setbacks happen. Situations can occur which could affect your horse’s behaviour. All we need to do is talk them through and I will give you suggestions to find you a way forward. The best thing ever is how simply transferable this training is! The key is to allow me time to invest in you and your skillset. You are your horse's main trainer in life so the more knowledge and skills I can establish with you, the better. I am only a phone call away and I will always make time for you. My main aim in life is to have happy horses who feel safe and calm. It is the key to everything.