Most handling issues are caused through the horse feeling fear, frustration, rage or confusion. Negative past associations can and do have a massive impact in so many ways.

The list can include fear of face and ear handling, cannot catch, cannot halter, clipping, feet handling issues and farrier fear. Fear of veterinary procedures (vets themselves, needles and injections), fear of being wormed, fear of being tied up therefore pulling back and snapping ropes, leading issues (pulling away, rearing, kicking out at the handler with hind legs or lashing out in front, refusal to move, dragging the handler, turning round and bolting back to the field).

Absolutely all these and other handling issues can be helped tremendously by understanding the triggers for the behavior as well as understanding the impact of past associations. Using systematic and highly rewarded training sessions your horse will change into a confident and calm horse and become a delight to own.