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horse behaviour

8th August 2021

Trying to give Saint Boy a voice! My letter to The Horse and Hound Magazine

30th July 2021
How horses would choose to live

Part 2 The complex issue of Separation Anxiety in Horses

Part 2 discussing the complex issue of separation anxiety in horses. Its a terrible situation for both horse and horse owner
22nd July 2021

Separation anxiety in horses. PART 1

27th January 2021
How horses would choose to live

Separation anxiety in horses.

26th April 2020

Testimonial Jayne Wooding

15th March 2020

Horse Behaviour Foundation Course

21st August 2019

Presenting Behaviour to events, charities, business networking and horse communities.

12th March 2018
What Is Instinctive Horse Training Featured Image

What Is Instinctive Horse Training?



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