We take horses in for training here at Skidby where their stay is decided week on week.

Each horse is an individual with its own genetic make-up and life history. The training is started through several short, highly reinforcing sessions a day at first and are as hand- in- hand with you being present as is possible. The more you can be here, the more we can invest in you and the more you will learn along the way. Training and supporting the owner is just as important as training the horse. The methods we use are completely transferable for you back home.

Depending on what is being trained into (starting a young horse under saddle) or out of your horse (unwanted behaviour) will depend on its length of stay. However, you are kept involved with daily updates, videos and photographic records. I usually make a shared Dropbox file so you get to keep all those images and videos.

Rearing, bucking, bolting, aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety issues and traffic fear are to name but a few scenarios where you will likely be seeking professional help.

I use powerful training tools, all based in science - counter conditioning, systematic desensitization and clicker training, to change how your horse feels, build in new wanted behaviour’ s and emotions and in doing so, will replace the unwanted ones.

I need to spend as much time with owners as is possible along the way so please try to maximise your availability during your horses stay here. By attending as much as you can, you will be learning from other training horses here as well as your own. We will actively invest in your skill set and spend time training you in all the techniques needed. I want to send you home armed with all the knowledge and tools for successful forward relationship, as well as a horse who no longer feels the way he did when he walked in through my gate in the first place.

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