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Horse behaviour

21st February 2022

Home and Yard visits- going to where the problem behaviour is happening

30th August 2021

Horrendous horse welfare issues during the Olympic Modern Pentathlon. The plight of Saint Boy.

We must make the committee for the Modern Pentathlon culpable for the gross misuse of horses in their care.
30th July 2021
How horses would choose to live

Part 2 The complex issue of Separation Anxiety in Horses

Part 2 discussing the complex issue of separation anxiety in horses. Its a terrible situation for both horse and horse owner
27th January 2021
How horses would choose to live

Separation anxiety in horses.

16th August 2020
Foal play

What is enrichment when caring for horses?

Helping horses have more enriched lives by adding novel ideas as boredom breakers or play opportunities


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