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The role of an expert Horse Behaviour Consultant and Trainer is to help owners understand exactly what is going wrong with their horse's behaviour and why it is happening. Owners can find themselves in trouble through no fault of their own. Environments can trigger fear behaviour in horses and everything can escalate quickly.The Science of Animal Behaviour and Learning is the route to follow because it is a proven fact - not mythology. It is the implementation of force free horse training and positive application which shapes a successful future behaviour.

There are several routes to choose from to be able to access my help. I can spend time via phone/Skype consultations to talk it all through and devise a plan for future success. I perform home visits to come out and look at the environment, the management and understand historical influences. We then start on a bespoke training plan. I don't leave until you are completely confident in the training plan and skills needed. Horses can come in to my yard for training where I encourage the owner to be present as much as is possible because we need to invest heavily in you too.

Why Me?..

I have been training horses since 1985 here in Skidby, East Yorkshire so there is no behaviour nor breed of horse I have not had experience in training or retraining.

Please look through my pages to find helpful information over the role I can perform to help you succeed with your horse. First point of contact is simply to call me and have a thoroughly good chat about the situation you find yourself in.

I look forward to being able to help you and your horse to find partnership, connection and mutual trust.

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