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Instinctive Horse Training - Visiting You At Your Hard For Behaviour Consultation & Assessment


We will look at the historical associations your horse holds. We will find out what your horse gains by it's behaviour and what could be reinforcing it.

We will carefully assess the environment and see where the triggers lie. I will be making assessments into everything relevant and propose changes in routine, training and environment.

I will then help you to help yourself by training you in the appropriate direction.

This is the most popular of my services. Having me come over to help you at home, where the problems are happening. It is a complex day where we look at all associations which could be creating any problem behaviour- from veterinary history to all management protocols in place. Behaviour consultation and assessment is a massive subject.

I may implement some changes in management in order to help your horse succeed and feel safe. I devise a training plan and start to implement it. I do not leave until you are completely confident in the training and a future plan is in place.

I continue to support you after the day by phone or a further visit if needed.