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Horse Training Services in Yorkshire, UK

Melanie Watson has grown up with horses and has been a horse trainer for many years. She has dealt with a variety of horses with a range temperaments, as well as providing horse demonstrations and public speaking throughout the UK. Melanie aims to help others; both trainers and owners to combat their problems Melanie provides a range of horse training services throughout the UK, including the following: training problem horses, young horse breaking, retraining racehorses, training for sale or show, personal horse training lessons and training partnerships for competition. Melanie has a fabulous reputation and has an extremely high success rate. Where most horse trainers have failed, Melanie has not only succeeded but given horses with no future, a future.

Natural Horsemanship

If you require a professional horse trainer to help you with horse training, horse breaking, racehorse retraining, problem horses and more, Melanie uses not just one technique, but a range of traditional and natural horsemanship techniques dependent on the route of the problem. Melanie and her Horse Trainers spend time with your horse, learning what has affected it psychologically, and then puts a method in place.

Horse Trainer based in Yorkshire

Based in East Yorkshire, Melanie is one of the areas premier horse trainers. Melanie uses a vast number of methods to help retrain problem horses and horses in general. It is all dependent on the individual animal and the root of its 'problems'. She uses a range of natural horsemanship techniques combined with others including Western, Australian and traditional English techniques. Whether the horse is scared with a desire to run away, or is violent and angry, Melanie will patiently find the root of the problem. It may be pain related with a clinical root. All of these things will be investigated to give us a training way forward.

If you would like some advice or information from a horse trainer, why not send Melanie a quick message?

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